Contemplative Living with Earth

Contemplative Living With Earth


The Contemplative Living With Earth course itself is a work in contemplation and action. The material in the course represents the life-­‐long work of Robert Sardello and Cheryl Sanders-­‐Sardello, co-­founders of the School of Spiritual Psychology. Having developed the material in these four modules over many, many years, the intent of this course is to orient the inner life of participants toward being open and receptive to the spiritual worlds, while at the same time becoming able to be within spiritual-­‐soul awareness in daily living. It is possible, through these four modules, in conjunction with engaging in the practices described, and participating fully in the course, to re-­‐orient life to be able to live within conscious heart awareness, and within a living sense of the holiness of embodiment, right here, right now, in our home, the Spiritual Earth.

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Dying Awake, Coming Alive

A Contemplative Spiritual Quickening of Soul

The Contemplative Living with Earth course consists of four modules. Working with the action of this first module brings about an entry into the life body. It is this entry that assures that the aspects of this work are not ‘taught’ as external information. Participants will be able to feel and experience the life body, which is done through the various ‘practices’ included in this module. The life body may not be felt for a long time. When it is felt, however, it is as though it happens ‘all of a sudden.’ This module will take place over the course of three months, meeting one Sunday afternoon each month, from 2-5 pm in my studio.

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Contemplative Listening

Bodily Presence with Soul

This third module establishes the means of contemplative living with earth. It is a way of being within the human-earth unity in its specificity. It is the region where the ‘merely’ psychological is exited and a new kind of earth-presence happens. This module takes place over the course of three months, one Sunday afternoon per month, from 2-5 PM in my studio.

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Heart Initiation

Developing Incarnational Contemplative Presence

The Heart Initiation module is the very heart of the whole of contemplative living, as it establishes the ‘place’ of bodying-spirit-soul-earth, that complex and actively receptive unity of human-earth. For some, it may be that the life body comes into ‘living experience’ only as they engage with the Heart Initiation module. This module takes place over the course of three months. We will meet on one Sunday afternoon each month, from 2-5PM in my studio.

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Contemplative Action

A Handbook of Non-Doing Doing

The fourth and final module of our series enters ‘full-blown’ into the unified spiritual action of the complex happening of human-earth evolving. It is the completely receptive being within the incarnating of the spiritual human body-spiritual earth body. Like the previous modules, Contemplative Action will take place over the course of three months, one Sunday afternoon per month, from 2-5PM in my studio.

Materials fee: The cost of the 4 handbooks is $80.00 (which includes shipping & handling). They are being offered at cost from the School of Spiritual Psychology and will be sent to you before the start of the first module.

Class fee: The cost of each module is $150 (for a total of $600 for the year) payable in installments of $50 per month.

Location: My studio, located at 25042 Vermont Drive, Santa Clarita, CA 91321

Class size is limited to 10 participants. The deeper spiritual background of this work is to be found in the hermetic tradition, alchemy, anthroposophy, phenomenology, and archetypal psychology. It is not necessary, but certainly helpful to know something of these traditions.

To reserve your spot requires a $200 deposit (so that there’s time to order the books and have them arrive before the first module begins). If you have any questions, or you would like more information, or you’d like to reserve a spot in the next Contemplative Living With Earth course, please . . .


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