Monthly dream sessions with Renée Coleman have been an essential part of my life for almost two years now.

As a mythologist who tends dreams, Renée came to my attention, coincidentally it seemed, when, at middle-age,

I entered university for the first time. At that time I was experiencing a prolific number of vivid dreams, all of which I

could remember in enough detail that I recorded them in a journal, as I continue to do. Working my dreams, and

those of others in the group, allowed me to embrace my developed intuitiveness which for many years had been a

source of self-misunderstanding and emotional confusion. In particular, I’ve learned to recognize the precognitive

element of dreams which equips me with reassurance and confidence. The stuff of my dreams is now an unfailing tool

with which I manage life’s changes and challenges with ease. In sharing dream experiences, I am now part of a like-minded

group as opposed to alone in my experiences. Of primary importance is the fact that the work I do with Renée let’s me fully

embrace my way of being in the world i.e. with intuitive consciousness.

Jane E. M.

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