The Power of Soul

Living the Twelve Virtues

The Power of Soul: Living the Twelve Virtues


This contemplative course intends to be a study and practice group that focuses on the work of Robert Sardello and his extraordinary  engagement with the Twelve Virtues of Soul.  The soul virtues are: devotion, balance, faithfulness, selflessness, compassion, courtesy, equanimity, patience, truth, courage, discernment, and love.  Robert Sardello’s book, The Power of Soul: Living the Twelve Virtues, will serve as our anchor and ongoing study and practice guide. In the introduction, he writes:

“I do not approach virtue from a religious perspective. This book is not about being a virtuous person, if you hear that word as referring to being pious.  This book is about locating the essence of our soul, and coming to have an inner sense of how soul wants to function in the world to bring about the good.  We are now accustomed to hearing about soul in its sufferings, its need for beauty, its love of story, myth, creativity, and more recently, the soul of the world.   Soul also wants to act. And when we enter deeply into soul life, we become receptive to what comes to us from the spiritual worlds.

The virtues are the glimmerings within the soul of the spiritual urgings to bring our life into harmony with the rhythms of the cosmos.  Virtue concerns closing the gap between the earthly world and the spiritual worlds.  There are not two worlds unless we go away from acting in accordance with the Great World and create an artificial separation where there is none.  Such a separation produces cultural egotism of the crudest and cruelest kind.  We can certainly forget that we are citizens of the cosmos, that Earth and her beings are part of the functioning as a whole.  This writing seeks to remind us that we not only belong to the whole but also bear responsibility to act in accordance with the grandeur and beauty of the universe.”

The virtues constitute the way of sacred service in the world, for they are the means through which we serve the soul and spirit of other human beings.  Only when we serve in this manner can a whole community flourish.

Classes will be held monthly, one Sunday afternoon per month, over the course of 13 months. The first month will be an introduction to Spiritual Psychology and an orientation to the Twelve Virtues.The course outline is as follows:

Introduction to Spiritual Psychology and orientation to the Twelve Virtues

The Virtue of Devotion

The Virtue of Balance

The Virtue of Faithfulness

The Virtue of Selflessness

The Virtue of Compassion

The Virtue of Courtesy

The Virtue of Equanimity

The Virtue of Patience

The Virtue of Truth

The Virtue of Courage

The Virtue of Discernment

The Virtue of Love

The cost for this class is 35.00/month.  For more information on the School of Spiritual Psychology and the extraordinary work of Robert Sardello, please visit:

Participants are asked to read the “Introduction,” the first chapter, “The Twelve Spiritual Virtues,”  and the last chapter, “Working with the Virtues” before the start of the first class, paying mindful attention not only to the material in the book, but also to any reactions, including memories, dreams, and reflections.  The idea is that we all have something very valuable to contribute to the endeavor of coming into contact with the soul virtues, and that together we can take unique steps toward putting the virtues into everyday practice.

Class size is limited to 10 participants. If you would like to be informed regarding upcoming Soul Virtues courses, please . . .


The Power of Soul is a practical approach to knowing the spiritual world emanation, represented by the twelve virtues and how it works into our soul and bodily life in furthering our evolution into humanity. By coming to a “KNOWING” of the spiritual, soul and bodily interplay of the twelve virtues, our incarnation can become a conscious soul life that is connected to the spiritual world, enabling virtue to be lived right here on earth. It is a practical guide complete with the phenomenology of the 12 virtues as related to humanity, alchemical processes an exercises for the reader to experience. This book is a treasure, which you will want to refer to over and over again if you are involved in any type of spiritual or soul work. Robert Sardello is a major figure in America’s rediscovery of soul, reacquainting thousands with its importance and vitality.


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