Radical Receptivity,

and the Angel of Courtesy

Revelation, Radical Receptivity, and the Angel of Courtesy

This contemplative course intends to develop participants’ capacities for sensing something of the coming-into-being whole, through the dedicated noticing of the present, dream-like particular. Thus, we will allow ourselves to be under the various spells cast by poetry and dreams, folktales and myths, with mentors like Rumi and Rilke, Henri Corbin, James Hillman, Robert Sardello and others.

In advance of our getting together each month, I will prepare and present “default” material for us to engage with that will include sending out short orientations.  Meanwhile, participants are invited to notice the pressing, dream-like particulars of their own lives and to bring these into our gatherings, so that on any given Sunday we might drop our intended plans in order to practice with what’s most pressing.

Our time wiill be spent therefore giving special attention to dreams, both waking and sleeping, and to noticing what Carl Jung refers to as synchronicities. We will engage in a host of simple contemplative practices that seek to develop capacities for noticing, listening, seeing, sensing, and, most of all, trusting–developing what Robert Sardello, in his latest, beautiful book, calls “heartfulness.”

Where: My studio: 25042 Vermont Drive, Newhall, CA 91321. There’s a map on my contact page for those who may need it.

When: From 2-5PM on various Sunday afternoons over the course of the next six months, beginning Sunday, October 16, 2016, followed by Sunday, November 20, 2016; Sunday, December 11, 2016 ; Sunday, January 15, 2017; Sunday, February 12, 2017; and ending on Sunday, March 12, 2017.

Cost: $210.00. This offering is limited to 10 participants. No previous contemplative experience is required. If you have any questions or concerns, or if you would like to secure a spot, please . . .

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Heartfulness, the latest book by Robert Sardello,  reveals the mysteries of heart-awareness in short, contemplative passages, followed by what the author calls ‘prayer/practices. These practices bring about the capacity to open heart awareness as our spiritual organ of deep presence – to ourselves, others, the world, and Earth. A prophetic book that reveals the missing ‘middle’ between mind and will that will open the essential ways of perceiving the way of knowing through communion. One of the most beautifully designed books you will ever hold in your hands!


June 2024




“Participating in your dream group has been “an object of wonder”– a true miracle in my life. Dream tending allows me to see the world and experience life not just in black and white but to consider the beauty and grandeur of all the grey tones in between.”
Maureen B.

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