Current and Upcoming Courses

Current and Upcoming Courses

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Alchemical Psychology

Towards a Vermillion Nobility of Soul
Beginning June 25, 2017

With Alchemical Psychology (Volume 5 of James Hillman’s Uniform Edition) as our guide, together we will engage in simple contemplative practices that seek to develop our imaginal capacities.”Ever since Jung opened the door to alchemy for psychologists,” writes Hillman, “we have tended to go through it in only one direction. We apply our directed thinking to its fantasy thinking, translating its images into our concepts.” Suggesting that there is another way, one that doesn’t call for translation, we are instead invited to “speak to the dreams as the dreams themselves speak. 

Dream-Centered Living

a year-long certification course
Beginning January 2017

This course is designed to introduce dedicated practitioners to the Art and Practice of Dream-Centered Living. With expert supervision in a safe, contained environment, practitioners develop a genuine feel for the radical receptivity required for working with dreams in this very unique and intimate way. Certification takes place over the course of a calendar year, one weekend day per month, from 9am to 5pm. At the end of the year, practitioners will have spent 90 supervised hours and another 45 hours practicing without supervision, for a total of 135 hours.


December 2022




I love reading the excerpt from your book. This is such groundbreaking work and you write about it beautifully. I feel so blessed to be a part of this work with you. The experience with the dream group has deepened my life immeasurably and I have shared dream tending with many people. Thank you for bringing this dream-tending wisdom to us.
Teryne D.

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