In an effort to make Dream-Centered Living ever more accessible, this is the first in what I hope will be a series of short video answers to frequently asked questions:

Why do dreams suddenly jump from one scene to another? 

Well now, I imagine you’ve all experienced dreams that display one dream scene and then “jump” rather suddenly to another scene entirely.  Often these dream sequences are set in radically different places, with different people, and even at different times of the day, or year.  We tend to think of these sequences as separate and discreet dreams.  In other words, we don’t imagine them as belonging to one another.  But if we can move into what we were tending in last week’s post–that everything belongs and is connected–then, rather than dismissing jump cuts as merely indicating the “beginnings” and “endings” of separate dreams, we might get curious about what the dreamtime is actually doing by putting these two (or more) dramatically different scenes into radical proximity and relief.

It turns out, that jump cuts in dreams put things together that we image as separate in order to reveal what would otherwise remain hidden. In other words, what we see/feel/experience precisely by putting these two things in radical proximity is utterly unique and revelatory, that is, so long as we don’t simply dismiss the invitation that jump cuts and the dreamtime offer.

So, again, jump cuts in dreams are a form of revelation. And what gets revealed by the activity of jump cuts is singularly unique.

Therefore I want to extend to you, dear dreamers, yet another invitation: to take another look at HOW these various, seemingly disconnected, dream sequences actually belong to the whole, and what their connectedness uniquely reveals.

Please let me know if this invitation is clear, or you’d like some dream “jump cut” examples to help create a clearer picture, which I am more than happy to provide.


  1. Simple, clear and elaborately illuminating. Thank you for this video! It’s easy to imagine that “this doesn’t go with that”, but over and over again it is revealed how felt images belong together.

    • Thank you, Jacque. And yes, you are right. This piggy-backs what we were tending with last week’s post of Everything Belongs and is Connected. I tried to make a short clip to help dreamers remember this, and to encourage folks to work WITH jump cuts instead of merely dismissing them.

  2. Wonderful video, Renee! Dream tending with you flows into everything. Even the events of the waking time are now felt as jump cuts lovingly, intimately and so intelligently woven together into a whole for us and for the world. There they are just waiting to be noticed in the “quiet, still, solitary” whole body.

    • Yes, the world is lovingly, intimately, and so intelligently woven together, as you notice and say here. And all that’s being asked of us is that we lovingly, intimately and intelligently tend it. Thank you, Linda.

  3. Wonderful, informative video about jump cuts Renee! I’m so grateful to be part of the learning of what revealed in the dream time, of what is hidden from us without this work. It’s quite stunning and so encouraging in trying to navigate this life as a human being. Thank you for all your generosity in making this available to us, again and again, in new and creative ways.

    • Thank you, Teryne. And I’m grateful for your dedication. I tried to make this short and somewhat memorable, and hope to be able to make a series like this for some of the other aspects of Dream Tending.

  4. Absolutely no need to reply, and absolutely no need to publish …

    The “Jump Cuts” video has a snippet of the Bank of America tower in Atlanta, my hometown. (I’m a highrise/city skyline geek.)

    Got to your website along a convoluted path. Amused and curious why I never remembered my dreams until about 18 months ago, when I met a fabulous woman. Tomorrow, we’ll celebrate 2 months of marriage, and I now remember multiple dreams each morning.

    • I’m delighted to hear that you recognize the tower in Atlanta . . . and that you made your way to my website along a convoluted path (like dreaming!). But I am especially delighted to know that, upon finding a fabulous woman, a spark of the divine light of dreaming has been ignited and that you’re now on a dreaming path. Congratulations on your marriage! May the light of the Dreamtime continue to shine through, lighting the way.


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